Vietnam – Getting Online Through Cable Modem

One of the newest forms of media sharing has come to Vietnam – VTV online. Vietnam Television is emerging as a powerful brand in the international online television market. It has become a household name through the efforts of promotions and advertisement on the internet and on radio stations that reach out to audiences around the world. To watch live television online is like getting access to an enormous library of more than 100 satellite and cable channels in many languages. You can watch live TV programs at any time of the day whenever you want, no matter where you are. VTV online is definitely one of the best ways to watch live television online.

VTV online

VTV Online is an online digital video streaming service now available for all Windows and Android devices from any location. The service provides real-time live streaming of more than 100 premium channels of global television shows, films and sports events. What’s more, you can enjoy VTV online at a lower price than cable and satellite subscriptions.

VTV online delivers crystal clear pictures and sound with no bandwidth hiccups. The service works on a 3G connection and requires an internet connection that supports HD viewing. To get the maximum benefits, download VTV apps from the Android Market or iPhone Store. Select the appropriate program for your phone, such as Vietnamese TV or English TV. Each program comes with instructions for both Vietnamese and English languages. You can also view your programs on the website in English.

A smart phone or tablet is required to view and listen to VTV programs. However, a broadband connection is not necessary as the service can be accessed from mobile devices or computers. With an internet connection, you can access VTV online through your computer and navigate through the interface. If you do not have any preference on TV channels and programs, you can select the Freeview option. This option is supported through a broadband connection.

There are various packages offered by different VTV service providers. Most VTV providers offer free installation and free on-line services. If you want to save some money on the subscription fee, consider the no-cost package which allows unlimited use of VTV for one whole year. However, if you want more features and options, you should consider the paid package that offers more choices and better quality sound and picture.

The best time to sign up for VTV package is at the end of the year when prices are lowest. During the off-peak season, VTV subscription costs are the cheapest. A broadband connection is highly recommended so you can view live and recorded media and high speed internet at home. However, you may have to install a cable modem or router to connect to the VTV service.

Cable modems are available in different packages and brands. Some cable providers offer package deals that include DTH (direct-to-home) service, cable TV with HSI (High Speed Broadband), and free VoIP service. In order to have access to high-speed Internet and watch live TV programs, it is recommended to subscribe to a package that includes cable TV, VODA (streaming media online), and broadband connection.

If you are living in Vietnam, you do not need to worry about cable modem and router installation. Almost all modern apartments and offices have access to high speed Internet through a cable modem or router. You can choose a provider that provides free installation, free equipment, and set up is made easy. Do a little research and ask questions before signing up with a new provider. It is important that you are satisfied with your choice.